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Rice !

Persian cuisine can be considered as the French cuisine of the Orient. Many aspects of Persian cooking can trace their origins back to the teachings of the prophet Zarathustra, who classified foods and dishes by their inherent “hot” or “cold” properties. These same properties are found in people as well, who are meant to consume whichever foods will bring them back into harmony. So, a healthy balance is found by eating a dish which holds those properties that one’s own body concurrently lacks.

In keeping with a tradition thousands of years old, come enjoy with us what is and has been the staple food of Persian cuisine – rice. It’s rare to find a Persian that is not based around or accompanied by rice. Rice has been cultivated in Iran since the 3rd Century B.C, mainly in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran by the Caspian Sea, where high rainfalls allow rice crops to flourish. Rice was brought to Europe after the conquests of Alexander the Great, and was even planted and cultivated in Lombardy, Italy from the 15th Century onward.

One of the finest, highest quality rices available is Basmati rice, an Indian variety which takes its name from the distinctive fragrance it exudes during its preparation. Basmati rice distinguishes itself by having extremely long, fine grains, which only grow larger when cooked, and remains slender and never sticky, in the end developing a unique, nutty aroma. The Persian style of preparing Basmati rice highlights the loose and slender character of the rice grains. Through a special cooking technique, as much of the natural starch found in the rice is removed as possible. The end result is a rice that is light and loose in the spoon, allowing for an incomparably ethereal and delicate experience upon consumption. Being a natural product, Basmati rice is subject to the danger of quality variations every year, depending on the harvests of different growers. Here at Restaurant Hatam, we ensure – through  ongoing quality-control of our rice purchases – that we always offer the highest quality rice available in the European Market.

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